Nick S. - Germantown Hills, IL
I got it back and installed.  It works perfect.  You guys are just great! Thanks for saving me about $500.00! 

Roger S - Hanna, IN

Awesome service!! Fedex ground shipped on Tuesday from NW Indiana. Paid for expedited return shipping and had it back in the car on Saturday by 10:00 AM. Works just like it did when the car was brand new. Thanks!!!!

Deloit Z - Kissee Mills, MO

Great Service!  Sent cluster in on Mon, got it back and installed on Sat.  Works great, first time in years!  Thank you!

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Lee J - Sterling Heights, MI

Thank you for your services, the turn around time was great and my wife is so happy to have fully functioning speedo, gauges and back lighting! I will surely recommend your services to anyone I run across with cluster issues in the future.

John B - Burnsville, MN

Could not be happier with your repair and quick turnaround.  I will recommend you to anyone who has a gauge problem.  I would give you 10 stars!
Here are a few of our latest customer reviews.

Bob E - Janesville, WI

Sent in my payment, sent in my gage cluster - within 4 days it was back better than new.  Getting new LED lights added to fixing the gages was the best thing.  Highly recommend this company.  Completely Honest, prompt and do what they say they will do.

Had my cluster rebuild 2005 Chevy Silverado now I can see how fast I am going lol very good service and got it back very fast thank again

Posted by Dave Tuyls on Monday, March 30, 2015

John C - Royalton, VT

Thank you very much!  This is the second truck you have done this for for me.  I'm very happy with them, they work great!


​Joe J - Cameron Park, CA

Just installed my air control module in my 01 Toyota Highlander and it works great!  Just in time for the heat.  Thanks again for your great service!

Dave L - Kure Beach, NC

I received the instrument cluster today and installed it. All the gauges are operating, including the fuel gauge which was previously broken. It came back in a condition that appeared brand new so you did a nice job cleaning it. You got the cluster repaired and back to me very quickly which was my main concern. I will definitely consider using your services again if the occasion arises. Again thank you for repairing this unit quickly and saving me a lot of money over what my other options were. I appreciate it.

Erik V - Duluth, MN

We have had multiple repairs done by ForelleCo. With a Taxi company, it can be hard to have a vehicle down for an extended amount of time. Larry has never let me down and always made sure I had my Clusters back in time to only have the vehicle parked for one shift! Excellent service with a smile!!!